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Hi, I'm Mark Carter, a critical care physician by profession. I have been interested in all matters to do with fine audio systems since I was about seven years old. I started using the soldering iron at age 8. So I no have over fifty years experience in audio, and personally knew some of the greatest pioneers.
I'm especially interested in speaker design, transmission line loudspeakers in particular. I also restore audio equipment of all types, including amplifiers, analog tape machines, and turntables.
This site includes albums showing the recent construction of an advanced studio/home theater at our lake home Walberswick House.
The workshops there are devoted to all manner of mechanical restoration, especially maritime items, but also antique tractors and a 1948 Willys Jeep.
I hope to soon have a web site up and running devoted to audio matters, to encourage more amateurs to enter the field. It will encourage all kinds of audio construction, and have useful links and a blog. It will also have streaming audio from my personal archives. I did all the outside broadcast work for the local public radio station for many years as a civic contribution to the community.

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